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Yaniv Mordecai
Yaniv Mordecai

Yaniv Mordecai

Yaniv Mordecai is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Engineering Systems Lab. He holds a Ph.D. in information systems engineering from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel (2016), and M.Sc. (2010, cum laude) and B.Sc. (2002) degrees in industrial engineering and management from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. He is a senior systems architect with Motorola Solutions Israel, and an adjunct lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Technology Management at Holon Institute of Technology, Israel. His research interests include model-based systems engineering, cybernetics, interoperable systems, risk and decision analysis, and operations research. Dr. Mordecai is a senior member of IEEE and a Board Member of the INCOSE Israel Chapter. In 2017, he won the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society Outstanding Ph.D. Diploma Award in Systems Science and Engineering, as well as the OmegaAlpha Association’s Exemplary Systems Engineering Dissertation Award.


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Books and Book Chapters
[2021] Model-Based System Architecting and Decision-Making (Yaroslav Menshenin, Yaniv Mordecai, Edward F. Crawley, Bruce G. Cameron), Chapter in Handbook of Model-Based Systems Engineering (Azad Madni, Norman Augustine, eds.), Springer, 2021. (pdf) [bib]
Journal Articles
[2021] Category-Theoretic Formulation of the Model-Based Systems Architecting Cognitive-Computational Cycle (Yaniv Mordecai, James P. Fairbanks, Edward F. Crawley), In Appl. Sci. 2021, 11, 1945, 2021. (pdf) [bib]
Conference Papers
[2022] Applying Model-Based Ontology Coverage Analysis to Mission Architectures (Yaniv Mordecai, Aleksandra Markina-Khusid, Greg Quinn, Edward F. Crawley), In 2022 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2022. (pdf) [bib]
[2021] Towards Context-Awareness in Model-Based Requirement Engineering (Yaniv Mordecai, Edward F. Crawley), In IEEE Systems Conference 2021, 2021. (pdf) [bib]
[2021] Conceptual State Analysis (Yaniv Mordecai, Edward F. Crawley), In Complex Adaptive Systems Conference Theme: Big Data, IoT, and AI for a Smarter Future, 2021. (pdf) [bib]
[2020] Towards an Enterprise Architecture for a Digital Systems Engineering Ecosystem (Yaniv Mordecai, Olivier de Weck, Edward F. Crawley), In Conference on Systems Engineering Research - CSER 2020, 2020. (pdf) [bib]
[2020] Object-Process Model-Based Operational Viewpoint Specification for Aerospace Architectures (Yaniv Mordecai, Nikko James, Edward F. Crawley), In 2020 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2020. (pdf) [bib]
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