While some of these publications may be subject to legacy copyright protections, we have decided to join the increasing number of researchers who make their work available freely over the internet. This is essential to further progress in science and engineering. We only ask that you cite our work if it is helpful to you and inspires some of your own research.

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[6] Architecting Families of Space Systems: Application to Super Heavy Lift Transportation Infrastructure (Alessandro Aliakbargolkar, Rene Keller, R. Robinson, Olivier L. de Weck, Edward F. Crawley), In 4th International Workshop on System and Concurrent Engineering for Space Applications SECESA 2010, 2010. [bib]
[5] Application and Management of Commonality within NASA Systems (Richard A. Rhodes), Master's thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2010. (pdf) [bib]
[4] Integrated Assessment of Packaging Architectures in Earth Observing Programs (Daniel Selva, Edward F. Crawley), In 2010 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2010. (pdf) [bib]
[3] Divergence in platform commonality: examination of potential cost implications (Bruce G. Cameron, Richard A. Rhodes, Ryan C. Boas, Edward F. Crawley), In Design 2010, 2010. (pdf) [bib]
[2] Dependency Structure Matrix Modeling for Stakeholder Value Networks (Wen Feng, Edward F. Crawley, Olivier L. de Weck, Rene Keller, Bob Robinson), In 12th International Design Structure Matrix (DSM) Conference, 2010. (pdf) [bib]
[1] Realizing Commonality In Exploration Architectures: the Role of Effective Contract Structures (Anthony C. Wicht, Richard A. Rhodes, Edward F. Crawley), In AIAA Space 2010 Conference and Exposition, 2010. [bib]
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